Rodney M. Scott
Estate Planning, Elder Law, and Asset Protection

Estate Planning, Elder Law, and Asset Protection

Family is the driving force behind the work of Rod Scott. Helping people protect their hard-earned assets from unanticipated litigation, Medicaid recovery, and a host of other threats is his mission. The ultimate goals in the customized plans put forth by this firm is peace of mind and a better future for people and their families.


The best way to protect yourself in the long run is to create a strong plan today. When we sit down for a conversion, you can rest assured that we will create a custom taylored plan that you can rely on. For more information send us a message, or sign up for one of our workshops.


Are you under sudden litigation? Is something urgent threatening your hard-earned assets? We can help you overcome this challenge, while protecting you from preditors. We will take the nessecary action to make sure your assets are protected. For more information send us a message, or sign up for one of our workshops.

Rodney Scott

Rodney M. "Rod" Scott is an attorney with a strong banking and financial law background, currently engaged in the general practice of law, focusing on estate planning and elder law. He obtained his undergraduate degree in Accounting from West Virginia University in 1979, and his law degree from Case Western Reserve University in 1982. Originally admitted to practice in the states of Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, he has happily chosen Tennessee as his home and the location of his practice.

Rodney Scott is a member of the Elder Law organization known as "Lawyers With Purpose". This organization is dedicated to protecting families nationwide. Rod practices in the areas of Estate Planning & Elder Law, Medicaid & VA Qualification & Planning, and is a Listed Rule 31 Family & Civil Mediator. He comes from an extensive background in banking, commercial law, creditor bankruptcy, real estate, consumer law, and contract law, as well as probate and estate litigation.